The end of an era.. We're shutting down!

13 May. 2022 ·  admin

In very short words, in the past years, running the site never earned me anything, and costed me on average 200eur / month to support it.

Yes, we have ads, and they dont earn me a dime.

I decided to start using the funds I put into the site into the relationship with my gf, so I have to shut things down.

Within 2 weeks, we'll be no more.

If you happen to see this post, and wish to support me in a way that I can continue paying for the hosting, please use the contact form, and I'll consider it.

Either way, I hope you enjoyed your stay. It sure was a rush for me to run a site that grew so much, that we now are getting over 20mil pageviews a month!

But again, they never earned me anything, as I refused to implement evil ad tactics like click hijacking and the likes.

That is exactly the reason why I created this site, as my then alternative used all the evil ad tactics in the book, and I wanted to create a safer alternative.

Anyway, thanks for the fish, hope you enjoyed my sites while they lasted, and have the best life!

- Sharky, signing off.

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