Ads, new features and the future of this site

29 Mar. 2019 ·  admin

Since my guaranteed income is no longer that guaranteed, I'm forced to add ads back to the site.

But I'll make sure to only place ads that don't interfere (so no click hijacking or popup/pop behind ads.. those are evil)

Goal is to allow everyone with a free account to disable ads by just opting out, but that might happen in a 2nd step.

I'll also look into implementing some of the requested features, like fixing going 'back' (at the moment it'll put you back to page one)

So my promise is: I'll add more features, add ads that are not malevolent and the ability to opt-out for such ads using a free account!

I beg you for forgiveness: without these changes, and without a guaranteed income, this site cannot maintain itself :'(

- Sharky

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